Best Motorcycle Gear for Beginners

Everyone has his or her own hobby or interest in life. It can be an indoor or outdoor activity; it just depends on what you like best. It can be animal care, community work, cooking, dancing, music, reading, and travel. Some like to do sports like basketball, boxing, diving, fencing, horseback riding, and kayaking to name a few. If you are brave and bold and know how to ride the motorcycle, you can do motorcycle riding. Motorcycle riding isn’t difficult as it is. However, it can be very dangerous so always make sure that you know the safety precautions so you’re safe. Moreover, you need to have this list of motorcycle essentials.


You need to have a jacket both for summer and winter season. It will protect your skin especially from extreme weather conditions. For summer, you have to go for a material that’s light and breathable. For winter, go for a leather jacket. It’s classic and you can actually wear it anytime-to school, office, dinner date, etc.


A pair of comfortable jeans is a wardrobe must-have. It can be paired with any top that you have. Be it a plain t-shirt or polo. If you’re a motorcycle rider, you need to have a lot of jeans that you can wear every day. Choose one that has abrasion resistance. You don’t need an expensive motorbike gear like a pair of jeans. You can scout one at thrift stores or online shops.


Helmet isn’t only a legal requirement but it may help save you and your passenger’s life. It may not have the safety feature of a car but since your head and brain are the most prone to injury in a motorcycle accident, wearing a helmet will help increase your chances of survival compared to people who don’t wear a helmet. As a motorcycle rider, you have to understand that wearing a helmet is important and you will be at risk if you’ll not wear one.


Gets pair of gloves for your motorcycle riding to keep your hands protected and comfortable. Your hands connect to your motorcycle so see to it that they’re all good. Choose the best motorcycle gloves that fit well and of high-quality. Take note of the material and additional features, too. Every few months you should clean them to remove the bacteria and dirt. Use warm water and soap to wash them then don’t forget to rinse with cold water.


Sunglasses will not only make you look good but protect your eyes as well from the sun. Pick a pair of high-quality sunglasses because you’re rest assured that it will stand the test of time. It’s better to get foldable glasses so you can bring it anywhere go.

Riding a motorcycle always has a risk. You don’t have any significant protection except the helmet. That’s why you have to practice safety at all times. Apart from helmet, have some knee pads, too. Also, always know road safety signs and be alert.

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