Ballerina Slippers and What to Know Before Buying a Pair

Watching a ballerina dance in the graceful manner is mesmerising, and it is no wonder that most young girls wish to dance like them. Some like to join lessons simply for the pure pleasure of learning how to move like a ballerina but others opt to follow this in a professional manner. So if you are considering taking lessons, you may wonder obviously about the slippers or the shoes they wear. Of better yet if your child is taking up lessons then you need to be extra careful about the shoes you buy. Therefore let’s look at some important aspects you must look at when buying the all important pair of dancing slippers.

Getting the perfect fit

The ballerina shoe or the slipper is specially designed for the graceful movements the dancer makes. They enhance the performance and the ability of the dancer to stay on their toes as you would have seen countless times. They are also protective gear that supports the ankles and the feet in an overall manner. Protection and support is important because of the strain the feet are placed under. Many instructors or even practitioners would suggest getting a slipper that is closefitting, but bear in mind that it should not be too tight. There should be enough space for your to move your toes about, so do not buy one that is too small. The next time you shop at stores like ballet shoes, make sure to stand on your feet carefully and keep the toes in a comfortable manner. Do not try to jam your toes in to small shoes as this will only hurt your feet. If there is no exact size for you or your child, then it is advised that you buy a pair that is one size bigger.

Check what the slippers are made of

An important aspect to look in to would be the material used to manufacture the shoes. Some are made of canvas while there are others that are made from leather. There is no real scientific reasoning as to what is best, but it all comes down to how you prefer to dance. The canvas version will cost much less so it is great for beginners and they are super easy to clean as well. The leather ones are quite pricey but some professionals are of the view that they look great on the dancer’s feet.

Ballet shoes are available in leather and canvas. The material you choose is a matter of personal preference. Leather ballet shoes are more expensive, but are more durable and will probably last longer than the canvas variety. Some people believe that leather ballet shoes accentuate a pointed foot and simply appear more elegant than canvas shoes. However, some dancers prefer the feel of canvas ballet shoes. Canvas shoes are easiest to clean, as they can be thrown right into the washing machine.

The Sole

There are two main types to look at, one being a full length sole and the other being a half sole. The full length is recommended for technically sound dancers and not all that much for beginners.  

While these are the main factors to consider, also check for elastics as they help to keep the shoes securely attached to the foot.

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